Howdy ho, people, this is the official TibCom SWAT II clan page. Yeah, as you already know, Swat II offers multiplayer gaming via the Internet and such (...).
We could go on forever writing about our excellent clan (yada yada etc.), but bragging about the clan is where we draw the line.

General Information
The TibClan has, for now, 3 members: CarnbY, klugman and KyLe. You may wonder why the list is *short*, it's quite easy to explain: The rest of the 'crew' [:)] has got a 28.8 kbps connection, and this is way too slow. Sorry, .
All members must have ISDN [at least] and a fast computer (P166 and above). The clan is both a SWAT and terrorist clan, which means that we've got two individual teams, we think; because all this is bogus: The game hasn't been released yet, so we've got no idea whatsoever how the multiplayer game will be like.

There are, so to speak, no rules within the clan. YET !

'I wanna be a member !'
Yeah, sure; have patience: Call 555-KLUGMAN and register 2-day !
That pretty much wraps it up.