General Info
First a note: We strongly encourage you to play the SWAT demo, it will play out differently each time. This is also true of the full version of the game; each of the 30 missions in the full game have an endless amount of variety (!)

You may remember the first game in the Police Quest SWAT series, the game was entered upon a sometimes way-too-hard game play; this time, it's all changed: You control your SWAT personnel or terrorists (new in this version!) via a Syndicate look alike interface. It's both easier and hellalot cooler than the old interface: The plot of the game is, of course, to either 'cruise' your SWAT © personnel through a variety of missions or be the bad guys (you'll have to overcome both the civilians and the SWATs ..)

What is SWAT ? The SWAT groups are located in the USA, and their function is to sneak into the enemy without any civilians (and preferably SWAT- and enemy-) losses. So, the SWAT troops just aren't ordinary cops, they're equipped with the state-of-the-art weapons; equipment and trained so that they can handle rationally under any circumstances

SWAT 2's advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine guarantees dynamic, responsive gameplay that makes every mission play differently every time. The game features fully rendered 3D characters, 15 SWAT and 15 terrorist missions based on real LAPD SWAT call-ups, an innovative multiplayer engine that allows up to four people to go head-to-head or team up via modem, LAN or Internet (with free on-line play at WON.NET). It even provides on-line hints and insights from the originator of the SWAT concept, former LAPD chief Daryl F. Gates. A built-in Map Editor allows players to create unlimited custom scenarios. SWAT 2 supports Intel's MMX technology.