Starting The Game
Host: Choose a scenario and then click on Advance (the right facing triangle at the bottom right of the screen). The next screen will ask for your allegiance (SWAT or Terrorist). Wait here until your opponent appears in the Players box. If his name has the Universal Stop Sign next to it (a circle with a line crossed diagonally through it), then you must wait for the SWAT or Terrorist symbol to appear. Once this is done, click on Advance (the right facing triangle) again to proceed to the assignment screen.
Join: Click on Join existing game and then click on the game name you wish to join. It appears in the game name box. Click Advance to proceed to the next screen. Choose your allegiance, then click on the ready radio button. You must now wait for the host to proceed to the assignment screen.

Play on two computers connected via a null-modem cable. This option allows you to set your com ports and baud rates.