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Red Alert Chat - 29 oct 96

Grinder: INFORMATION: The room has been moderated. Public messages have been stopped
Grinder: please be patient
WS-Ted: We're almost ready!
WS-Ted: I think I'll turn the camera on.
WS-Ted: Having a few little problems. Almost solved.
WS-Ted: Okay! We're ready to star!
WS-Ted: (start!)
WS-Ted: I'll let Mike and Adam introduce themselves before we get started.
WSdesign: Hola! This is Adam (on keyboard), and Mike next to me. We'll be answering your questions about RA!
WSdesign: Please send 'em to WS-Ted and we'll get to all of them that we can!
WS-Ted: Actually, we'll be letting you ask questions aloud. Just send me a question mark privately, and I'll add you to the list!
WSdesign: Please stay organized, people.
WS-Ted: Our first question is from Tempest!
WS-Ted: Go ahead Tempest.
WS-Ted: Tempest?
Tempest: I've heard rumours that Red Alert was going to be delayed till christmas, are you going to
Tempest: release it on the 19th as it says on the web page?
WSdesign: Red alert will be in your hands by Thanksgiving at the latest, and probably on the 19th, as planned.
Tempest: er...of nov. that is
WSdesign: We're just debugging and finding those last little bits of stuff.
WS-Ted: Viruskill is next!
Viruskill: Wow
Viruskill: heh Ok.... When will a demo be out?
Viruskill: and ummmm... when did you guys start Writting the code for this?
Viruskill: and what language?
Viruskill: :)
WSdesign: We're really focusing on the real game right now -- we want to get you guys the full game, not just
WSdesign: a demo!
WSdesign: As for the language, it was written in C++
WSdesign: We started on RA about a month after C&C was finished. Needless to say, we added a lot to it!
WS-Ted> Thanks Virus!
WS-Ted: Spank is next up!
WS-Ted: Go for it spank!
Spank: hey
Spank: sorry the thing keeps lockin
Spank: ok anyway
Spank: i got 2 questions if i may
WS-Ted: Please!
Spank : 1 is that ini file floatin around rea
WSdesign: Go for it.
Spank: l
Spank: is it real
Spank: or fake
Spank: u guys must no about it
Spank: hello?
WSdesign:Nah, I don't know where people are getting the idea that it's real. I've also seen another fake
Spank: Really?
Spank: its fake
WSdesign: zip of RA out there too -- that's not real either. RA isn't out there
Spank: it goes in2 alot of detail
Spank: it is really a fake?
WSdesign: There's nothing out there that's from RA.
WSdesign: Don't be fooled by all this stuff -- the game will be out in 2-3 weeks. Wait for it
WS-Ted: Cool. Slayer1 is up next.
WS-Ted: Slayer?
Slayer1: Can I connect to another user directly to his IP address? And can I connect through a firewall?
WSdesign: The connection is through WCHAT, which will allow you to organize your games with your friends, enemies, etc.
WSdesign: I'm not sure about the firewall option.
WS-Ted: Firewalls work sometimes, but it depends.
WS-Ted: Check with your network administrator for specs.
WSdesign: Basically, we're just organizing the meeting place.
WS-Ted: Thanks Slayer. Crispen is up next.
WS-Ted: Crispen! You're up!
WSdesign: Remember, send "?" to WS-Ted, not WSdesign if you want to ask a question!
WSdesign: Oh well. Next!
WS-Ted: MCbeth is next!
WS-Ted: Mcbeth is sleeping. Celt is next instead.
WSdesign: WS Ted's got hundreds of private msgs right now, so if you can't get through, just wait a minute and try again.
WS-Ted: Celt, you're up.
Celt: helloaadlks
WSdesign: Hola!
WSdesign: Your question?
WS-Ted: Celt?
WSdesign: Hmmm...
WS-Ted: Darkone is next.
WSdesign: For the Soviet side, there are Yaks, Migs, Chinooks, Badger bombers, and Hind Helicopters. The Allies have Longbow helicopters.
WSdesign: The Soviets are the true air power. Yaks can erase infantry in strafing runs, Migs are precision anti-armor, and the badger
WSdesign: can drop paratroopers and parachute bombs.
WSdesign: No, the allies have all the naval power in the game
WSdesign: We've made the sides radically different in focus.
WSdesign: If you think you know how to play RA by playing it like C&C, you're wrong!
WSdesign: RA plays very differently.
WS-Ted: Crispen was disconnected. He's ready again I think.
WSdesign: Crispen, you're up!
WS-Ted: Hmm!
crispen: hi
crispen: sorry.. having probs with hthe laag
crispen: hi
crispen: i am here
crispen: my Q:
crispen: Have u made it easier to select
crispen: which units u want to build?
crispen: i played ra at e3
crispen: and it was tough to pick which unit u wanted to
crispen: build
crispen: did u add a 3rd build bar?
crispen: or anything?
WSdesign: You can use the arrow keys to scroll through the selections much faster than you can with the mouse.
WSdesign: We've taken to using one hand on the mouse, and the other on the arrow keys. We've kept our two column
WSdesign: metaphor in RA.
WSdesign: You still have to scroll, but I suggest trying it with the mouse!
WSdesign: I mean keyboard!
WS-Ted: Dethstar is up next!
DethStar: hi
WSdesign: BTW, that guy you keep seeing on the web picture is Mike Legg, one of our programmers!
WSdesign: Former, that is!
DethStar: how will the allies be able to defeat the soviets on levels without water?
WSdesign: The allies have the advantages of speed and information. In a land-based war, the allies have to rely on other
WSdesign: tactics like the AP mine layer and the GPS to get them the information that they need to keep on top of things.
WSdesign: Also, the AA guns the Allies possess are VERY effective against soviet flying units.
DethStar: ok, thanks
WSdesign: No problem
WS-Ted: Huevo is next!
Huevo : ok
Huevo : cooL!
Huevo : lets get a list of all ultimate weapons and specail aattacks and waht they do!
Huevo : please!
WSdesign: Well, I can tell you about a bunch of them. The Allies have the Chronosphere, which lets them "shift" units about the map.
WSdesign: however, this does have some nasty side effects from over-use!
Huevo : aside from the chrono, iron curtain, and the philli experiment, waht others?
WSdesign: The Soviets have the Iron Curtain, allowing them to make buildings and units invulnerable
Huevo : and is the phili experiment still the boat thing? and what is a paradox time quake?
WSdesign: Aside from those, there's the GPS sattelite, Sonar Pulses, Atomic Bombs, spy planes, etc!
WSdesign: The philadelphia experiment figures into the game's story and the technology that evolves.
WSdesign: Paradox time-quake? Eh?
WSdesign: Thanks for the question!
WS-Ted: Sabatour is up next!
Sabatour: Are there Earthquakes in Red Alert? And do you just get to use them like a weapon or is it random?
WSdesign: Earthquakes? No. There are other effects in the game, but not earthquakes.
WS-Ted: Case2 is ready now. Case2, you have the floor....
WSdesign: Case2, you're up!
Case2 : Thanks for the opportunity..Two questions for you.. First,
Case2 : are there any multiplayer savegame features available?
WSdesign: yea?
WSdesign: Yes. You can save in multiplay.
WSdesign: In the modem version, it will even try to save your game, so if you get disconnected, you can re-dial and
WSdesign: resume the game!
Case2 : Second, was Kali considered in any way during the design process (sorry this thing is lagged)?
Case2 : That's all I have for now... Thanks! :)
WSdesign: We haven't done anything to the game to prevent it from playing over KALI, but I can guarantee you'll get better
WSdesign: connections through WCHAT and the internet HTH ability!
WSdesign: So, it will run KALI for DOS and Win 95
Case2 : Okay thanks for your time and dedication :)
WSdesign: Thanks for the question!
WSdesign: Just to let you all know, we're all here 16+ hours a day right now, so you can get the game before thanksgiving!
WSdesign: And yes, we're all pretty tirezzzzzz. :)
WS-Ted: Xtreme is up next!
Xtreme: How many players will it be able to support on wchat?And what will the editor that will be included be able to do like editing the DAT or ini files or just the scenario?will there be a fogofwar
WSdesign: WCHAT will support head-to-head play (for now!) The editor that's included will let you make multiplayer maps for the game, but will not modify
WSdesign: the ini or the dat files.
WSdesign: There's a FOW-like option, where the shroud will re-grow over time. So not only will you lose sight of units, you'll lose radar picture!
WSdesign: Of course that's an option, because some people don't want the re-grow.
WSdesign: Thanks for the question!
WS-Ted: Grinder is up next!
WSdesign: Grinder?
Grinder : how many of the maps will be water-based? or is it a combination of land as well
WSdesign: Good question!
Grinder : -)
WSdesign: There's a mix. Some of the missions are naval heavy, and will be mainly water-based. All of them have a land
WSdesign: element to them... some more than others.
WSdesign: The multiplay maps are the same -- some are naval heavy, and some aren't. We've tried to give everyone a good balance so that
WSdesign: there's plenty to play on.
WSdesign: So, yeah -- there's mixed, water heavy, and land heavy maps in the game!
WS-Ted: Reducer is up next.
WSdesign: Hola!
Reducer : hi and thanku 4 your time
Reducer : In C&C the AI was REALLY REALLY dumb
Reducer : in ra will it be smarter?
Reducer : and in what ways?
WSdesign: Yes. The AI has undergone a lot of improvements. You can't block them in with walls, you can't just snipe
WSdesign: at harvesters and expect him not to do anything about it, you can't just attack him and think that he'll respond the same way every time.
WSdesign: Skirmish is a good example of this -- play 1 to 7 AI opponents on any multiplay map. Good practice!
WSdesign: We've tried to address every problem that people had with C&C's AI. It's much better this time around!
WSdesign: And yes, the Ai will build their own bases
WS-Ted: Descartes had a similar question...
WSdesign: What's the ?
WS-Ted: Descartes: in skirmish mode, can you ally with the computer (i.e. you and comp. vs 2 comp), and save in skirmish? also,
Descartes: how has the combat model changed (i.e. health and firepower) from c&c?
WSdesign: Actually, you can ally with the computer, but there's no guarantee that they'll ally back (they do some times)!
WSdesign: As for saving in Skirmish, you can't. But, all the other modes of play (internet, modem, Lan) support saved games.
WSdesign: The combat model is similar to C&C's. Armor factors, health, etc.
WS-Ted: Okay,
WS-Ted: To speed things up a little, I ask that anyone else with questions please send me the full question privately.
WS-Ted: I'll pass it along and take out any duplicates!
WS-Ted: zzxy asks: My question is to do with spies,win95 version, map size and taking over vehicles
WSdesign: Spies: They look like your opponents units, and can gather a lot of varying information on the other player depending on what you send them into.
WSdesign: Win 95: SVGA, Pentium required, 8 Megs (recommend 16), and a 2x CD
WSdesign: Map size: Maps are varied, but are generally larger than those in C&C. Some of the maps are quite large, up to 1 1/2 larger than any C&C map (96x96)
WSdesign: Thieves: These were SO powerful, we're keeping them around for something else.... :)
WS-Ted: Kyser23 asks, what are the number of missions per side, and is there tcp/ip support?
WSdesign: There are 41 total solo-play missions, with a critical path of 14 per side.
WSdesign: There are 28 or so Multiplay maps, and yes, there's TCP/IP support via WCHAT
WS-Ted: And, I'm getting a lot of questions about someone dying in a car crash????!
WSdesign: No one has died in a car crash.
WSdesign: We're all still here.
WSdesign: I've not heard this rumor before!
WS-Ted: Chapel asks, "How many players for multiplay?"
WSdesign: 8
WSdesign: up to 8, but I think most people will play 4 to 6. We've got problems finding 8 people some time to play all at once!
WSdesign: All the maps for multi are marked: "Coastal Influence (4-6)" so that you know how many players they are intended to handle
WSdesign: you can go above that if you want, but we don't recommend it.
WS-Ted: Ashe1 wants to know "Can you play Win95 and Dos versions over the modem or internet and are they compatible?"
WSdesign: Yes. They are compatible, but only the Win 95 version has TCP/IP support!
WSdesign: So for modem and LAN and Kali, yes.
WS-Ted: Will you be able to call in General Patton with his Elite tanks? What about Harv jams too?
WSdesign: Huh>?
WSdesign: Harvester jams have been addressed.
WSdesign: They don't jam up, and they're logic has been improved
WS-Ted: What will the editor be like? tile based, or what?
WS-Ted: (panamon)
WSdesign: The editor is tile-based, with all of the tools that we use to create the terrain maps. The one that you
WSdesign: guys get actually has some features that we don't have in ours! We're jealous! :)
WS-Ted: .
WS-Ted: what are the most powerful weapons in RA? for example the ion cannon and nuke
WSdesign: Well, in RA, it's more in the combinations of weapons. Iron curtain and Mammoth tank, Cruiser and chronosphere, etc.
WSdesign: The specials in RA aren't like the ones in C&C -- they assist you in making more incredible combinations of attacks and
WSdesign: defenses. They themselves are facilitators!
WS-Ted: Do naval units have any defense against air attack?
WSdesign: Yes. Destroyers are very effective at protecting your ships versus air attacks!
WSdesign: The Soviets can hide their subs, which is even better defense!
WSdesign: Can you read morse code?
WS-Ted: can you build multiple buildings at the same time eg. barracks and pill box?
WSdesign: No. The metaphor is the same as C&C. Your constuction yard can build one thing at a time. You can build different types of things (vehicles, infantry, naval units, etc.) at the same time, b
WSdesign: ut only one building
WS-Ted: will any multiplayer games START with bases and troops etc? How will Multiplayer start?
WSdesign: Multiplayer will start with units and MCVs. We're looking into starting with bases and stuff, but there's a question of synching the games that could get sticky. We'll see if we can get it
WSdesign: ironed out!
WS-Ted: Can you pause in multiplayer?
WSdesign: Nope -- you can save in multiplayer, but not pause
WS-Ted: what are some of the new things that come in crates and are there any other CRATE-TYPE bonuses you can find?
WSdesign: There are new power-ups that let you increase the abilities of your units, as well as some familiar crates.
WSdesign: There's also crates for all of the specials in the game... and then some!
WS-Ted: In C&C, units could be built faster if more then one of the same structure existed. Is this true in RA?
WSdesign: Yes. The more the faster still applies.
WSdesign: Also, the country that you play in multiplay will have an effect on this.
WS-Ted: what is the deal with scud missles, and chemical weapons?
WSdesign: Scud missiles? Those are a little too far in the future. We've got V2 launchers, which are similar to those. They're slow, but two hits will bring down a power plant!
WSdesign: Chemical weapons -- these are being held. We wanted the physics to be there (air movement, etc.), and we didn't get it realistic enough, so it's not in. :(
WS-Ted: .
WS-Ted: what are the different countries your can play with and can you use them in multiplayer??
WSdesign: There are five countries you can play in multiplay: England, Germany, France, USSR, and the Ukraine. The first three are allied countries, and the last two soviet. These vary in shot power,
WSdesign: unit speed, cost of units, armor ratings, and build time. You've got to find one that caters to your tastes!
WS-Ted: Okay, we'll take a couple more...
WS-Ted: .
WSdesign: The countries you play in solo are either the allies or the soviets. Countries is multiplayer only!
WS-Ted: is the frame rate ok in SVGA high res? (Syndicate Wars is pretty bad in High Res)
WSdesign: Yeah, SW is pretty slow in high res. :) I play on a P90, and I'm running at a good clip!
WS-Ted: Next question...
WSdesign: In RA, that is!
WS-Ted: :)
WS-Ted: i want to ask about playing the soundtracks on your cd-player and about how to send ideas for c&c2
WSdesign: There's a soundtrack CD available for C&C in a week or two on our web store, and there's an RA one in the works. The music on the CD is digitally streamed, so it's not stored as red-book on
WSdesign: the CD. I don't recommend putting the CD in your player!
WSdesign: As for ideas for C&C2, send them to, and you want the message forwarded to the C&C team
WS-Ted: .
WS-Ted: Okay, two more questions!
WS-Ted: .
WS-Ted: To what extent will allies be able to share resources (map info, money, units, etc.) in multiplayer?
WSdesign: In multi, you can share ore processors, service depots, and you will be able to track your ally's units on your radar.
WS-Ted: Can Spy planes be produced and built, or will they just be sent in?
WSdesign: Spy planes are available from building airfields. They're free.. you just get them every so often.
WS-Ted: .
WS-Ted: Okay, I guess that just about wraps it up. Any last comments Adam and Mike?
WSdesign: Us?
WSdesign: Well, thanks for supporting us through the development of RA -- there's a lot of cool features in the game
WSdesign: that I think everyone will really get a kick out of. It's not just C&C 1.5 -- it's an entirely new experience!
WSdesign: Mike said he's got nothing to say!
WS-Ted: Okay!
WS-Ted: I'd like to thank everyone for their questions! We'll have an RA FAQ sheet out very soon,
WS-Ted: which you'll be able to get via the web site. Check back with us later this week.
WS-Ted: For any other questions, please mail We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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